6 Problems Hydro Jetting Can Fix.

Hydro jetting is a highly effective method of clearing blockages or cleaning pipes via the use of high-pressure water. As it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it’s both environmentally friendly and safe for your pipes. Our hydro jetting services can blast through all manner of pipe debris, including:

  1. Invading tree roots
  2. Accumulated grease
  3. Mineral build-up
  4. Hair
  5. Food waste
  6. Soap

Before hydro jetting your pipes, our experts will use specialized cameras to inspect inside and identify what’s causing the clog. Doing so enables us to tailor our service to deliver the best results and repair any damage that may lead to additional issues in the future.

hydro jetting

What are the dangers of Hydro jetting aging cast iron pipes?

Hydro jetting aging cast-iron pipes can pose several hazards, such as:

  1. Pipe damage: The intense water pressure used in hydro jetting may exceed the capacity of aging cast-iron pipes, leading to fractures, ruptures, or other structural harm.
  1. Corrosion: Pre-existing corrosion or weakening in aging cast-iron pipes can be exacerbated by the force of hydro jetting, potentially causing leaks or pipe failures.
  1. Backflow: Blockages or obstructions in the pipes can be pushed back into the property during hydro jetting, creating a messy and unhygienic situation.
  1. Plumbing system disruption: Debris and sediment dislodged by hydro jetting can result in clogs in other areas of the plumbing system.
  1. Financial impact: Any damage incurred during hydro jetting may necessitate expensive repairs or pipe replacements.

Why Choose Ypoxi?

Ypoxi specializes in restoring cast iron pipes and can evaluate the condition of aging cast-iron pipes. Many plumbing service providers without pipe coating or lining capabilities lack the expertise, equipment, or technologies to handle aging cast iron pipes effectively. Improper hydro jetting by inexperienced providers can worsen issues, causing additional damage or pipe blowouts. With over 20 years of experience and access to advanced pipe lining technologies, Ypoxi’s experienced management team and crew are well-equipped to address cast-iron pipe restoration challenges. Consulting with a professional before proceeding with hydro jetting is crucial to mitigate these risks and safeguard the plumbing system.


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