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Have a broken sewer pipe? Prevent health hazards and save money by calling our sewer pipe lining experts for pipe restoration services in Florida today.

Most homeowners dread the prospect of having to repair buried sewer lines. At Ypoxi, we make repairing or replacing your sewer lines as hassle-free as possible with industry-leading sewer pipe lining services. We’ve served Florida as a whole for over four decades and are committed to offering competitive, fair pricing and lasting results.

Unlike traditional repair methods that require excavating damaged sewer lines, our sewer pipe lining solutions allow us to fix pipes without digging them up. Avoiding digging enables us to repair damaged plumbing faster and cost-effectively. You also won’t have to worry about us damaging your beautiful yard.

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Sewer Pipe Lining

The Sewer Pipe Lining Process

We start every sewer pipe lining project with a camera inspection. This video inspection gives us a real-time view inside your existing pipes, enabling us to identify what caused the damage and how best to fix it while preventing problems in the future.

After the inspection, our experts will hydro-jet your pipes to eliminate any debris that might interfere with the pipe lining process. Next, we will insert an epoxy saturated tube or liner through one of the pipe’s access points.

After placing the liner inside the damaged pipe, it will start hardening until it forms a new pipe within the old one. The newly created pipe is corrosion-resistant and will last for 50 years or more. Our sewer pipe lining team is meticulous and uses only the best materials to ensure that you get the best quality results on the first try.

    4 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Lining Your Best Option.

    Replacing aged or broken lead, cast iron, copper, or PVC pipes is expensive in Florida. Sewer pipe lining or cured in place pipe lining is a cheaper solution that provides just as impressive results. What other benefits does opting for sewer pipe lining offer?

    • Minimal disruption to your sewer service
    • No expensive or destructive digging
    • Minimal waste generated during the process
    • No need for permits to work on your sewer line

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    For over 40 years, our team at Ypoxi has provided high-quality plumbing solutions to both residential and commercial customers throughout the state of Florida. Our excellent services have earned us multiple awards and loads of glowing customer reviews from your neighbors.

    When you call us for sewer pipe repair, we provide you with a solution tailored to satisfy your unique needs. Our affordable rates will help you save money, and cost estimates are always free. Even better, our sewer pipe lining service comes with a 25-year warranty to protects your interests.

    Our customers also love our:

    • Polite and highly skilled plumbers
    • No-mess-left-behind policy
    • Advanced pipelining technology
    • Convenient scheduling
    • Honest advice

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